Home United kena trashed 9-1 in AFC cup because players not fed halal food!

15 out of 18 players in the Home United team are Muslims. Yet the team was given non-halal food more than once. In the end, the players had to rely on canned tuna, frozen halal meat, and other food supplies that they had packed from Singapore.

This is totally unacceptable! How can our sportsmen be expected to be in their best physical condition when they are not being fed properly? Don’t the organisers know that halal food is not just a dietary preference but a requirement for Muslims. And NO, halal doesn’t mean just NO PORK NO LARD. It also cannot contain alcohol and its derivatives, and halal meat must be slaughtered in accordance to Islamic law.

Is it really so hard to cater halal food for our Muslim sportsmen? Is it really a logistical mistake or a lack of effort in planning and care from the organisers because it’s easy to overlook the needs of Muslims?

#MuslimsunderrepresentedinSingapore #MuslimsmisrepresentedinSingapore #halal #islamophobia #chineseprivilege

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