Why do the Malay Muslim MPs support the government’s ban against Hijab?

Being Malay Muslim MPs, they should know very well that their role is to represent us Muslims. Unfortunately, they are not doing their job despite getting their fat paychecks, and they even support the government’s policies that discriminate against their own community. As Muslims, they should know that the Hijab is wajib, and wajib is a must. But they choose to give all sorts of excuses over saying the truth and defending our right to practice religion:

1. Yaacob Ibrahim: “Most Muslims recognise that if we allow employees or officers to modify their uniforms for religious reasons, particularly for the police and the military, it would be very problematic. We do not allow police officers or SAF servicemen to wear or display conspicuous religious symbols on their uniforms or their faces. Nor do we allow Muslim police women officers to wear the hijab on duty.”

2. Zainal Sapari: “We cannot underestimate … that other religious groups might make similar demands if the Government were to give leeway to the requests of a particular community,”

3. Hawazi Daipi: “The schools represent a precious common space where all young singaporeans wear school uniforms as a daily reminder of the need to stand together as citizens regardless of race religion or social status…Allowing exceptions to this rule would fragment our society because it would fragment the common space we have in school and invite competing demands from other communities to assert their own identity.”

4. Zulkifli Baharudin: “Muslims in Singapore need to make greater efforts to compromise and integrate themselves better when it comes to practicing their religious beliefs. They should not expect others to accommodate them all the time.”

It is one thing for non-Muslim MPs to not understand the needs of Muslims. But it is a whole different matter when these Muslims justify why we should not be asking for a more Islamic way of life. It is obvious that these are weak leaders who don’t lead but who fear this world more than the next. They have forgotten the most important kalimat in Islam “Laa ilaaha illallaah” which states that Allah (p.b.u.h) comes before anything else.

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