Muslims underrepresented in local condo ads

When you see condo advertisements on TV or wherever, do you realise that these ads almost never feature Malay Muslims in their commercials? When you see a condo ad next time, look out for the following:

1. Do you realise that only caucasians or chinese families are featured in these ads? You can see them enjoying their future condo facilities, basking in the sun around the pool, having BBQ, or shopping in the nearby amenities. But you will never see a Malay Muslim family featured in the ad.

2. These condos will promote themselves that they are near MRT, good schools, and shopping centers. But they will never promote that the condo is near Muslim amenities like masjids or madrasa.

Chinese family at GEM Residences
Chinese friends drinking at Rivertrees Residences
Chinese family swimming at Parc Riviera


What are these condo developers trying to say? In the underrepresentation of Malay Muslims in their ads, are they trying to imply that we are not their target audience because we are not good enough for them? Or that we are too poor and cannot afford to stay in private property? Whether the actual number of Malay Muslims stay in the condos are irrelevant because you cannot force them to stay. But if you don’t even feature us, that is downright racist and discriminating against our community.

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