Education Minister says Compulsory Learning of our Bahasa Melayu is Not Appropriate

Last year, we reported that Workers’ Party MP Chen Show Mao proposed that Bahasa Melayu should be taught to all students. He recognised that as a national language, it can help to promote national integration as the glue that gels all races together.

This year, he once again filed a Committee of Supply (COS) Cut in Parliament to revive the proposal to make the learning of Malay compulsory in primary schools. However, our Education Minister Ong Ye Kung had the audacity to dismiss him and say that it is not appropriate to make it compulsory for students to learn Malay.

We want to ask Mr Ong why learning our national language is not appropriate? It is not shameful that most Singaporeans can’t even speak their national language even though the national anthem and military commands are in Malay? It feels like the government is not taking our national language seriously and we wonder if it was any other language except Malay, maybe they are more willing to make it compulsory for schools to teach it.

It is also very shameful that our own President and those Malay MPs that are supposed to represent our community never even say anything to help promote our national language. It begs the question why they were even selected to represent our interests in the first place if they are just puppets of the PAP master.

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