Khutbah Takeaways: Emulating The Prophet SAW To Show Our Love To Him

The Friday Khutbah is going in a new direction from this week onwards, where for this month, the topic that will be spoken about is getting acquainted with the noble character of our beloved Prophet S.A.W. What the Khutbah teaches us today is that knowing and loving our Prophet is also deeply associated with loving Allah.

So, whatever we are doing in the name of Islam, be it in prayers, fasting or zakat, we must align them to what the Prophet has taught us. This is very important, for in our daily efforts to lead noble lives and to be kind to others, we must follow our beloved Prophet’s personality and character, which to this day, is admired by everyone.

This not only apply to the physical acts that we carry out, but also how we control our inner selves. Thus, it goes without saying that acts that are frowned upon such as telling lies, fitnah (slander) and acts of hostility are things we should avoid at all costs.

Recently, of course, the word fitnah has been widely and loosely used to describe events pertaining to the kind of help given to Muslims in Singapore. Of course, fitnah is something that we should avoid at all costs, for slandering other parties is a huge sin. But then again, accusing someone of fitnah when in fact there was none, is also as bad a sin.

So, let us take a step back and evaluate ourselves. Have we all done enough to emulate the noble and humble life led by our Prophet S.A.W.?

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