Despite “Clarifications”, Many Muslims Continue To Share Experiences Of Rejection From MUIS

MUIS have finally come out to address allegations that they had failed some needy Muslims in need of financial aid, which led to these families seeking help from churches. The post resonated with Muslims in Singapore, with almost 400 comments left on the post itself.

In the same post, MUIS of course reiterated their commitment to serving the Muslim community. That was never in question. What was questioned was what MUIS was trying to do to reach out to other unfortunate families that fall by the wayside. Are there enough efforts done?

There lies the crux of this matter. Are the MUIS staff handling these requests for help trained in that particular field?

Consider this. Out of the almost 400 comments made, more than 70% of the comments indicated that it is not easy to apporach MUIS, and that calls or emails sometimes go unanswered. There are even accusations made that they got turned away from help. So how do you expect to help the needy when you are very unapproachable? Is MUIS doing enough then to help Muslims in Singapore?

We do not deny thay MUIS helps some Muslim families in need. But is enough being done? Or are MUIS just a body that waits for information to filter through to them that some families need help before they actually act? And even when information filters through, was there a follow up to each and every case, or some of them are just brushed aside? MUIS needs to be transparent to their practices and the number of help requests they receive, and how many actually got help. MUIS is a government body, and Muslims in Singapore has every right to see how MUIS handles these issues.

MUIS said they wanted to reach out to needy families to help out. We have started the ball rolling for them. Now, MUIS’s own post is flooded with comments about how the FB personas tried to reach out to them for help, but got turned away. Speak to these people, reach out to them, do your job, MUIS. Don’t need to thank us from bringing this real issue out in the open.

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