MUIS Uses Muslims’ Fear Of Fitnah To Discredit Other Pages

The Islamic Religious Council Of Singapore (MUIS) posted on their Facebook page on 31 October reminding Muslims in Singapore who bothers to actually read their FB posts that there is an FB page that is trying their best to discredit them. The page MUIS directed their accusations was of course, this one.

But what was the post that got MUIS so riled up about? Well, it was an article written on 12 September titled ‘Needy Muslims Resort To Seeking Aid From Church Because Of MUIS’ Reluctance To Help’. That it took MUIS more than one and a half months to respond to the claims made speaks for itself. MUIS will say they were trying to reach out to the article writer to find out more about the needy Muslims in question. But do they really need more than a month to address this issue?

And what about that hashtag? #fitnahitudosa which translates to Slander is a Sin. This is of course to put fear into Muslims that we should not criticize for criticism that is not based on fact is slander, and slander is a sin. When you sin, you face the wrath of God. But is this just a way to stop Muslims from speaking out the sad truth and sharing these truths, just because MUIS say they can find no such people in need. Is that not slander then, and if you share, you sin?

Or is it simply because these families in need had gone to MUIS, got rejected by them, tried again and got rejected again and finally see no more point in going back to MUIS for help just because their plight has been brought to light by an FB page that is never friends with MUIS? That is not slander, that is just losing faith with MUIS.

#MuslimsUnderRepresentedInSingapore #MUIS #NeedyFamily #fitnahitudosa

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