Khutbah Takeaways: Humility, Not Arrogance, Is How We Should Lead Our Lives

As Muslims, we are often reminded the command to read and learn was the first ever divine revelation in Islam. This just shows how much the seeking of knowledge forms the most basic, and yet important part of a Muslim. However, with knowledge, we are led to believe the more one knows, the more he has an advantage over others.

In line with how we are all armed with an incredible amount of knowledge due to technology, and how easy it is for us to share our knowledge via the array of social media platforms, it is important for us to take a step back, as adviced in the khutbah, and prevent ourselves from developing feelings of superiority over others.

The fact that we have a voice that can be broadcasted all over social media without filters renders us vulnerable to the evil of being arrogant, conceited and other repulsive attitudes, without us even giving them a second thought. It is thus advisable to remain humble, for the knowledge we have is not the end all and be all for us.

But what would be a Khutbah if the deeper meaning does not resonate with the issue of the day. At the end of the Khutbah, we are reminded to always think good of others when they display their knowledge. The example cited was when a fellow Muslim has a different opinion on a religious issue, which is a relatively common thing on social media now. We are reminded to develop positive thoughts of the person and not to be too quick to condemn the person. We should engage each other in a respectful manner, and not start fights with each other on the basis of “I know more than him”.

That, in essence, was what the Khutbah was trying to tell us. Social media conflicts are not our way of live. Knowledge should be shared, not for showing off. After all, humility and not arrogance, should be the way we live our lives.

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