Khutbah Takeaways: Logic Behind The Faraid

As expected, the Khutbah this past Friday focuses on the Faraid, as an example of how there is always wisdom behind religious injunctions in Islam. Faraid came into focus this past week, as reports in the MSM about how a Muslim man’s first wife had to return back all his CPF money, as the man and the first wife was not married under Islamic law.

In fact, it was the second wife and the family who had the rights to the the man’s possession, as they were married under Islamic Law, and thus, the Faraid came into effect. This will not be discussed, the MSM and social media has taken care of that.

So why Faraid? The khutbah wanted to educate everyone that Faraid is there for a reason, and their catchphrase is with inheritance comes an even greater responsibility. They are in essence trying to explain that the Faraid is not a joke, and there is a logic behind the law.

What the khutbah was trying to tell us is that men receive a greater share of the inheritance because of the greater responsibility they shoulder. We understand that the male relatives of the dead man who gets his inheritance are tasked with the responsibility of looking after the needs of the dead man’s family. The money and wealth a man gets from his inheritance should be used to help the dead man’s family, and whatever balance left must be used to help other needy people. Whatever he gets, it does not solely belong to him.

Whereas for a woman who gets the inheritace under Faraid Law, although it is much lesser than what a man gets, she will be able to keep all the inheritance for herself. There is no need for her to shoulder any other responsibility arising from that inheritance. Whatever she gets, is hers.

Therein lies the justice and wisdom behind the Faraid. It is human selfishness and greed that tarnished Faraid. It still will not explain why the first wife has to return the CPF just because she was not married in Islam.

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