Syi’ah In Singapore Contributes To The Development And Growth Of Islam Here. Should We Be Okay With It?

A recent commentary piece by noted Malaysian Human Rights activist, Dr Mohd Faizal Musa, has open up an unspoken debate among the Muslim community in Singapore here. The presence of the Syi’ah community in Singapore is not a secret, but whether they are accepted by the Sunni Muslims here is still a sore point.

To many Muslims in Singapore, the Syi’ah Muslims represents a sect of Islam that is totally different from the Islam practiced in Singapore. Most Muslim Singaporeans also think that Syi’ah is totally deviant from the Sunni Islam practiced in SG.

But Dr Faizal Musa’s commnentary has stirred up this unspoken uneasiness, more so when a BeritaMediacorp article based on his commentary stated that MUIS itself have worked with and received contributions from noted Syi’ah personalites in the community. In fact, it was revealed that Habib Hassan Al-Attas, one of Singapore’s most respected Muslim leaders, said that the Sunnis and Syi’ah had been coorperating in Singapore to help grow the religion of Islam here since the early days of Singapore itself, including in the establishment of MUIS itself.

Like it or not, noted Muslim names in the history of Singapore who have helped build up Islam in Singapore are known followers of Syi’ah. Among those named were Ameerali Abdeali (President of MKAC) and J.M. Jumabhoy (from Scotts Holdings).

So, should the Muslims of Singapore, most of whom are Sunnis, still harbour the feelings that the Syi’ahs are not one of them, when in fact, they are as important towards the establishment of Islam in Singapore? Islam, after all, is a religion of peace and tolerance. Who are we to judge whether the Syi’ahs in SG are not real Muslims? Only God knows.

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  1. It’s not our job to judge but our job to state that something is wrong and prevent Muslims from going astray. We are Sunnis and we need to defend our beliefs.

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