Yaacob Ibrahim: Politics And Religious Self Cannot Be Separated. Why He Can Say, Faisal Manap Cannot?

In the recent Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act debate, what most people understand from Faisal Manap’s speech was that as a Muslim, his values on integrity, honesty and compassion should guide his behaviours as a politician, and how he thinks politicians should behave. Faisal might not have been able to put it so eloquently, but there was no one in Singapore who thinks he meant that religion is the be all and end all for anyone. But of course, the PAP will not let this die down. What they saw was an opportunity to trap the WP into a situation where the PAP could use the issue as cannon fodder during the upcoming elections to accuse the Workers Party of siding with extremism.

However, in the very same debate, former Minister in Charge of Muslim Affairs, Yaacob Ibrahim said “it is almost impossible for someone who is voting to base his decision on his secular half, and not his religious half. Such compartmentalization, and I quote, is neither possible nor desirable.” And no one from the PAP bothered to question Yaacob. This was after all, a former Minister in charge of Muslim Affairs. If he thinks that religion and politics cannot be separated, is that not dangerous?

Why his other PAP comrades never rebuke him? Didn’t what he say basically is the same thing Faisal Manap implied? One rule for the PAP, another set of rules for WP?

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