Are Friday Sermons Written By MUIS Free From Govt Guidance?

Separating religion from politics is the current call by the Government, with Minister Shanmugam the loudest voice amongst the government Ministers. While they call for politics and religion to be separated, it remains to be seen if the government really aspire to have the two entities separated.

Don’t believe? Just listen to any Friday prayers sermon. While the sermons usually keep to neutral guidance, with texts taken from the Qur’an, the Friday congregation would not fail to notice that once in a while, the topic would have some connection with the events of the day that is gripping the attention of Singaproeans’ lives.

Take for example the recent passing of the Fake News Bill. Was there any surprise when the sermon on that day was about how respecting each other extends to social media posts as well? And that fabricated lies which are highly frowned upon in Islam also means that someone should not be creating Fake news or indeed, spread them, as these are lies? Politics and religion mixed? Or coincidence?

Or what about the time when the the government banned the death metal band Watain. Didn’t that Friday sermon was about how bad outside influences can shape the minds of our Muslim youths and that we should strive to kick these influences out of our society? Politics and religion mixing again? Or yet another coincidence?

So, if government mix politics and religion at their own gain is ok, but if Mr Faisal Manap cannot explain himself well on how religion and politics sometimes can never be separated, he got screwed in Parliament by Shanmugam, who was probably gloating that he got another one over the opposition? That one can? And using Friday sermons to get their point across also can?

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