Will Followers Of Other Religions Allow The Government To Choose Their Religious Leaders?

The debate about separating religion from politics rages on in the wake of Shanmugam’s expected attack on opposition MP Faisal Manap who suggested that it is quite difficult to separate religion from politics in Singapore.

While there will be voices for and against both Shanmugam and Faisal, the real question we should be asking is, why then is the PAP doing the very thing they were up against? Why are they mixing politics and religion together, when they decided that the Islamic religious leader are to be chosen by them. What expertise has the Ministers have to determine who can be the leader of Muslims in Singapore?

Do we take it then that since the Mufti, and MUIS leaders are all appointed by the government, then they have to follow the government’s bidding? They will have no independance off the government. Is that not mixing religion with politics?

But the bigger question is this, why only Islam and Muslims? Why are the other religious leaders of other faiths not hand picked by the Govt? Would believers of other faiths let the government decide who their leaders will be? Muslims even have a Minister in Charge of Muslim Affairs. You don’t have a Minister for Christian or Buddhist affairs, do you?

So, PAP, why the double standard? Politics and religion should not mix, but when it comes to Islam, Political leaders have to manage Muslims?

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