Faisal Manap Reiterates Point That Religion Can Never Be Separated From Politics

In the Government’s never ending efforts to make their grip on power in Singapore ever more powerful, they are now debating on changes to the Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act, which calls for stiffer penalties and swifter actions to be taken against those who make offensive statements in the name of religion.

WP MP Faisal Manap took the issue further by questioning if moderation and tolerance in the context of religion, would also mean that Singaporeans have to compromise on religious values. He then ask if someone from a particular religion has to do something prohibited or contravenes the values and teachings of the religion so that he can be considered someone who practises moderation and tolerance.

Mr Faisal also stated that personally, he feels that tolerance as a pillar of religious harmony in a multi religious society Singapore is achievable without having to sacrifice the values and faith of any follower.

At the end of the day, what Mr Faisal was saying was that the govt was still sitting in their high ivory tower throne by believing that politics and religion can ever be separated. How can that be, when PM Lee himself took to a highly respected religious leader with him during the last General Election? The man in question was from the Taoist Federation and is also a vice-president on the IRO council. Would that not counter the Govt’s claims that religion and politics be separated?

More to the point on Mr Faisal’s claim is that it is the govt that appoints the Mufti and MUIS leaders. Would these same people then sing from the same hymn as the govt? So, can religion and politics ever be separated?

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