More Muslims Come Forward to Share Their Experiences After being Rejected by MUIS for Help

Since we featured the story about how a Muslim couple had to resort to getting financial help from a church because they were rejected by MUIS for financial aid, many more other Muslims have come forward to share their similar bad experience with MUIS.

Some of them were Muslims of other races, some of them were new converts, and some of them were true blue Malay Muslims. But all of them were rejected of financial aid by MUIS. Based on these samples, we can tell that the problem may be bigger than what it seems.

From MUIS own website, it states that one of their roles and functions is to provide financial relief to poor and needy Muslims, so why are they not fulfilling their responsibilities to the community? Why are the staffs working there so uncompassionate and rude and making the lives of needy Muslims even more harder and difficult than it already is? Even the poor and needy have their own pride and dignity, and obviously they won’t seek help unless it’s their last resort.

These questions needs to be answered by MUIS because we deserve the right to know why a Muslim organisation is turning its back on it’s own community!

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  1. I realised about muis even when i was a teenager and i m very proud to say i have never donated to them todate even 1 cents.
    Except for zakat fitrah n direct donation to mosque.

  2. If Muis cannot help their own ppls, then stop the deduction frm mthly salary. What’s the point Deduct but using for what purpose only Gods know. If they unable to helps these ppls then scrap off the organisation and replaced with organisation that have apathy and willing to help without asking any question. These ppls also hv pride and dignity. If they are treated like beggars then who should they turned to. To be frank, down the road, these ppls are going to hv more hard time due to increase in expenditure and unable to cope with the rise of everything in S’pore. What they giving to these ppls are not sufficient enough to get them thru for a mths be it another 10 yrs.

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