Mosques should have Designated Area for PMDs and Wheelchairs

PMDs are becoming more and more common on our roads now, and many people ride their PMDs to the masjid when they go for prayers.

However, when the PMDs and Wheelchairs go into the kawasan sholat, the wheels will roll over the prayer mat and make it dirty. What if the wheels had previously roll over something dirty like mud or shit or decaying thing? This is not considerate to the next person who doesn’t know that it is dirty and uses the space to pray.

When we go to the mosque or to someone’s house, we take off our shoes as a sign of respect and consideration to not dirty the place. The same logic should apply to all PMDs and wheelchairs or anything that has wheels.

The mosque should look into providing a separate space for people to park their PMDs. For those who require wheelchair assistance, the mosque can provide their own wheelchair to be used only within their premises to keep the place clean.

#MuslimsunderrepresentedinSingapore #jagakebersihanrumahAllah

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  1. Why do mosques have to provide parking spaces for PMDs? Do mosque have to be within 5m away from a bus stop? Isn’t this a stir shit post?

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