MUIS owed $57,900 worth of Admin Fees to Applicants Who Passed Away Before They Can Perform Haj

The AGO released their report of audit for government bodies and found many lapses in various MUIS operations.
In their report it states that between 2012 and 2018, 226 haj applicants had passed away before they could go for their Haj. However, MUIS did not refund their families back the admin fees that they had already paid.

“The total value of haj administration fees yet to be refunded amounted to $57,900,” said the AGO report. This was also not the first time the AGO has pointed out this lapse to MUIS.

MUIS is tasked with overseeing the Haj in Singapore, but it is clear that they are not managing it properly.

First, the wait to perform Haj is so long that many people are not able to fulfil their obligation to the 5th pillar of Islam. Second, we are not allowed to use CPF for Haj and even made to pay a Haj admin fee in advance before we even go. Now, it has been revealed that MUIS has not been paying back the refunds to those who were unfortunately not able to go.

MUIS, Why didn’t you refund the money? Is there a need to collect the fee beforehand? Why can’t collect it when we actually go for the Haj? Why can’t you completely waive off the fee? Are you trying to profit off the common people?

These are urgent questions that MUIS needs to answer!

#MuslimsunderrepresentedinSingapore #WeneedanswersfromMUIS


  1. What a misguiding article. Clearly you know that everywhere in Singapore, admin fees are mostly non-refundable, probably the same as when you paid for admin fees when you were enrolling into ITE Nitec in Mass Media LOL.

    Also, Singapore Muis doesn’t control the quota to go to Hajj, it’s quita is set by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with Muis leader or our Muslim MP often requesting for more quota spaces each year out of good relationships between our two governments.

    Also, the fact that you have time to create such an article with unreal facts, just really shows a lot(:

  2. Im not sure whether deceased are able to get refund unless stated in application? Anyway i think MUIS should rtn admin fees accordingly base on Islamic regulatios

  3. Salam brapa kali Muis dah kasi you pegi haji. Bukan lu punya duit lu boleh ah nak support Muis. $57,900 u nak bayar kan untuk Muis ke?

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