Zainal Sapari calls on Employers to give Muslims time off for Solat Jumaat

Finally we have a Muslim MP doing his job right in raising the issue to represent his community! The issue of employers not giving their Muslim staff time off to do their friday prayers has been a headache for us for so many years.

Many of us have to skip our lunch or wolf down our food in minutes and suffer from hunger or indigestion so that we can rush down to the nearest mosque to pray on friday. Even worse, some Muslims even got terminated from their jobs because their unreasonable bosses do not even allow them to go for their friday prayers.

Does it even make sense that all Muslims contribute to the mosque building fund but they are not given enough time or not allowed to go for friday prayers at the mosque?

It is a good first step for Zainal Sapari to share his thoughts on this matter on social media, but what would be even more effective is if he can leverage on his position as a MP to raise it parliament and make it mandatory for all employers to give their Muslim staff at least 2 hours during lunch to do their friday prayers.

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