SAP Schools are Racist and Must be Abolished!

SAP schools are essentially state-sanctioned racially homogenous communities. The government always claims that we are a multi-racial society and uses this argument to justify enforced racial integration like the HDB racial quota, but they cater to the majority Chinese with SAP schools.

If we accept that having children grow up in a diverse environment is sufficient reason to justify intrusive policies that even dictate where we should live, then we cannot possibly also at the same time embrace policies that encourage the formation of Chinese-exclusive communities amongst our youths. Schooled under such a system from a very young age it is no surprise that many end up not having a single friend from the other communities.

From this example, it is clear that the government is not consistent in its principles and policies. When it is convenient for them, they will use the excuse of racial harmony and equality to justify their so-called secular rules e.g. hijab ban, but when you point out the racial inequality in having Chinese SAP schools, they justify by making up other excuses like saying it’s only a small proportion of schools, or that SAP schools preserves Chinese heritage and culture. So are they saying that Malay heritage is not worth preserving?

This is the kind of racist double-standards bullshit that the government has been using on our community and we are honestly so sick and tired of this already. The government must abolish the SAP school system which provides affirmative action for an already privileged racial majority, and guarantees the ascension of members of that majority to power.

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