Singaporean Student Wants Bahasa Melayu to be Made Compulsory

A year 2 polytechnic student wants Bahasa Melayu to be made compulsory learning for all students because it is our national language. She thinks that when we can all speak Malay, it will strengthen the bond with our friends in neighbouring countries, and she is right. If even a 17 year-old student can see how important Bahasa Melayu is to our identity as a Singaporean, how come the Ministers, especially our Minister in-charge of Muslim affairs cannot?

ST forum: Make National Language Compulsory

With Singapore commemorating its bicentennial this year, I think it is a good time to make Malay, Singapore’s national language, compulsory in schools.

I got to know more about Singapore’s heritage and Malay culture while following the bicentennial celebrations, and I now understand why our national language is Malay.

I now feel more pride when singing our National Anthem in Malay, and I believe that if more students are taught Malay in school, they, too, will follow suit.

Tan Yuqing

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