Government Should Allow Muslims to Withdraw CPF for Haj

In our past article, we have demonstrated that amongst the ASEAN nations, Singaporeans have to pay one of the highest costs to perform their Haj. This results in many people, especially those from the lower income levels, who are unable to fulfill the 5th pillar of Islam. We suggested that the government should provide some subsidies for Muslims who are unable to go for Haj on their own so that more people are able to fulfill their religious obligations.

Besides subsidies, the government can also consider allowing Muslims who have already reached 55 years old, to withdraw some of the CPF money to pay for their pilgrimage. The CPF money is our hard earned money, and we have every right to decide how we want to spend it. Many elderly Muslims at age 55 look forward to going for their Haj after working for most part of their lives. Being able to use our CPF money when we are still fit and able to walk is not a luxury but a treat well deserved and a reward well-earned.

It is not fair for the government to lock up our CPF and dictate when we can use it. It is even more unfair when they keep raising the withdrawal age, such that we don’t even know if we will still be alive by the time we reach that age, much less be able to go for Haj.

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  1. As a seventy-one year old muslim and a retiree,I urge MUIS and the Minister-in-charge of Muslims affairs to consider to give all muslims age fifty-five and above to make use of CPF retirement account to perform the HAJ in Mecca along with their husband/wife which will be our final destination before we close our eyes for good !!!??,

    1. I fully support the idea I really wanted to go to perform the hajj but always have shortage of fun still struggling to meet and needs hope the Gov will release my money to perform the last pillar of Islam before I die inshaallah

    1. I think we should have a sign petition of all muslim who agree with this suggestion and go direct to our president Mdm Halimah… now we should start the motion…

  2. Clearly the government has no right to hold Singaporean like myself of our CPF! By raising the withdrawal age, strongly shows how we have been manipulated of our rights! In the very beginning, withdrawal age was 55 and I believed it is fair enough to stay that way! Mentioning of CPF withdrawal for Hajj, I strongly agreed in this idea of allowing any Muslim’s wanting to go for Hajj to be able to use their CPF as it is our hard earn money.

  3. It is OUR hard earned money and we have the Right to get back and do what is obligatory to us.
    All of us deserve it. Please don’t hold it as life is too short!

  4. Pls kindly allow them to withdraw at least half the sum pls.. As it is wat ever we earn goes to the very very expensive HDB house tht locals can hardly buy a condo or car. At least let us use this for once . no need to allow second third time. Just one time can ready

  5. Strongly agreed. Husband and me desired to go to Haj but unable to because of low income and cpf being lock for retirement.

  6. I strongly with this. My parents and in laws are also looking forward for their retirement to perform their HAJ. We certainly have every rights on our CPF indeed. May Allah will protect our rights. Aamiin

  7. I am strongly agree to this. My parents and in laws really looking forward to perform their HAJ. We certainly have full rights to obtain back our CPF indeed during our retirements. Just like every other citizens, i believe all of us wish to enjoy happy retirement days. May Allah protect our rights. Aamiin

  8. The government to allow Muslim age 55 and above, to withdraw money to pay for CPF, maybe the cost of doing haj (example $17,000) and pocket money $5k to 8k for personal expenses.

  9. Strongly agreed too. MUIS please review. Give every muslim a chance of a lifetime to perform one of the pillars of Islam.

  10. Strongly agreed. Please give us certain amount ($15,000 or varies from time to time) per person, from our cpf when we reach 55 so that we can perform Hajj. Or give us when we are successful candidates pick to perform Hajj. That way, rest assured the money is not use in any other form.

  11. I fully support the idea I really wanted to go to perform the hajj but always have shortage of fun still struggling to meet and needs hope the Gov will release my money to perform the last pillar of Islam before I die inshaallah

  12. Agreed so much with the ideas. Our intention to fulfilled our last journey, its not much withdrawal frm our own cpf account, just to cover our daily expenses during our stay for haj period is more than happy b4 we close our eyes. Not evryone of us hv the bad ideas to use our cpf money but appreciated if our gov can re-consider our APPEAL to show tht they are concern creatures who sit on the chairs.

  13. On the issue of allowing citizens above 50 to use their CPF ordinary balance amount, to use for the Haj pilgrimage; may I suggest the government to vet through applicants on their viability. Thus this will ensure there will be no abuse.
    To wait for age 55 when payout is made after the retirement account is tabulated is not proper; bearing in mind some of us do not have enough in the account to cover the RA minimum. Most without the required minimum, most get $5,000. Perhaps the government to increase the amount to $15,000, which is sufficient for the Pilgrimage. And to further wait till age 65 when the money is disbursed monthly will be too long and even though statistics show that lifespan is estimated at 75 to 80. Who’s to say we’re fit enough to travel to perform the Haj. Hopefully the government will consider this proposal.

  14. As citizen, we have to respect the law whether we like it or not. But at the same time, government must also respect our 5 pillars of Islam. Performing haj when we are able to do physically and financially is mandatory for every Muslim. So the minister in charge of Muslim affair and MUIS must push for this since it is their responsibility.

  15. Firstly, why should they do this only for Muslims? Then what about the other religions? Surely, this is unfair no matter what angle you look at it.

    Next, the CPF is for your retirement and medical needs. The Haj is an obligation if you can afford it. So if you cannot afford to retire comfortably with the current amount in your CPF, then obviously you cannot afford a Haj, maybe umrah is still ok.

  16. Pandangan saya ialah kerajaan PAP harus membenarkan pencarum CPF mengunakan wang CPF utk menunaikan fardu haji menerusi MUIS sbb pendaftaran haji pun di buat di MUIS. Bila di undang utk tunaikan haji baru kita bolih pilih pakej yang di lantik MUIS. Wang CPF bolih di salur ke MUIS sbg orang tengah kalau CPF tak percaya niat kita utk tunaikan haji. Apa susah kan.

  17. Totally agreed. We do not even need to see our CPF money physically for the use of this Haj once in our life time. SG government can appoint a travel agent and liaise with appointed agent directly of coz everything hv to be full board & transparent. So I strongly urge Singapore Malay Muslim representative to do consider this suggestion especially our Mdm President who is highly paid by tax payers money. Thank you

  18. I believe this should not be utilized only till we reach 55 but for any able bodied muslim above 21 to withdraw once in their lifetime for their Haj. I proposed so due to the Haj being both a mentally and physically taxing event, it is much more advisable to do this obligation when one is still strong and fit. Nevertheless even if we are able to withdraw for Haj at age 55 only i will still support the notion.

  19. Strongly agreed! As we are reaching 50years our stamina are not that strong!! And this is one of our 5 pillars in Rukun Islam as a Muslim . Pls look into our request!!

  20. I think we should have a sign petition of all muslim who agree with this suggestion and go direct to our president Mdm Halimah… now we should start the motion…

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