ChiPri: Malay Man gets 400% more Profit when he uses a Non-Malay Name

A business man in Singapore says that when he uses his pen name ‘Benjamin’ instead of his real name ‘Imran Ali’, he gets more sales, and even 400% more profits! And when he uses his English name to close a deal, when he goes to deliver his products and his customers realise that he is Malay, they react with shock and surprise at his race.

  1. This little experiment shows that racism is still rife in Singapore. If a mere change in name, from a Malay name to a non-Malay name, can get the same person better results, can you imagine what this means for the Malay community in Singapore. This means that they have to work 4 times as hard as a non-Malay just to achieve the same results, even if both of their qualifications and performance are the same.
  2. In America, many studies have also shown that applicants with Black or Hispanic sounding names receive less job and interview opportunities than their White counterparts. Maybe a similar study like this should also be conducted in Singapore to find out whether Malay, Indian or non-Chinese names also get discriminated by employers compared to applicants with Chinese or Anglicised names.

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