Not all Malays are Muslims, and not all Muslims are Heavy Metal Fans

It is not fair for the government to make Malay Muslims as the scapegoat and reason for the ban on the Watain concert. Because of a viral picture of a group of Watain fans flipping the bird, he conveniently just racialised the entire issue and revealed the government’s inner assumptions and biases against our community.

  • The government assumes that all Malays are anti-Christian just because of a small group of Malay fans who support the band, and point the middle finger. Here, there is also the bigger assumption that all Malays are Muslims, and through the group’s actions, tensions between Christians and Muslims will fester.
  • Besides assuming that all Malays are Muslims, the government also assumes that Chinese cannot be Muslims.

The government’s dominant narrative of Malay Muslim identity perpetuate these kinds of biases and a superficial & shallow presentation of diversity. If there was any serious desire to address & champion multi-culturalism, this incident would be an opportunity for them to do so, but they did not. Instead they continued to play their own game of race and religion to suit their own agenda.

#MuslimsunderrepresentedinSingapore #MuslimsmisrepresentedinSingapore #racistSG #NotallMalaysareMuslims #NotallMuslimsareMalays #governmentbias

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