Worker’s Party Chen Show Mao proposes that Bahasa Melayu be taught to all students

Worker’s Party MP Chen Show Mao is not a Malay. Unlike the other PAP Malay MPs, he understands and recognises the importance of our national language, Bahasa Melayu, as an integral part of our identity and culture. It can also promote national integration as the glue that gels all races together. Therefore, he proposes that basic Malay be taught to all students in schools as a 3rd language, and as a non-examination subject so that students can learn the language without the added burden of exams.

It is a real disgrace that our Malay MPs have not bothered to promote our national language, a language that is part of their own ethnic and cultural identity. Instead, it takes a Chinese opposition MP to champion a cause that our community leaders should be doing.

#MalaysunderrepresentedinSingapore #MalaysmisrepresentedinSingapore #bahasamelayu #nationallanguage

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