Berita Harian is the mouthpiece of the PAP

Everyone knows our local press is under the control of the government through the Newspapers Printing Presses Act. This includes the only Malay broadsheet, Berita Harian, which remains as a source of information for many Malays in Singapore. Therefore, it is easy for the PAP to make use of BH to propagate their agenda and influence Malay Muslim opinions on the ground especially during the election period.

  1. In the 2015 GE, BH provided very little coverage on the Malay opposition candidates. Despite raising many valid points affecting the Malay Muslim communities, such as the hijab issue and discrimination within the SAF, BH only ran an article introducing each of the candidate without adequately covering the issues that they discussed.
  2. On the other hand, BH provided a disproportionate amount of coverage on the PAP candidates and chose to publish letters that were in support of PAP. Even 4 days after the elections, the newspaper published 2 letters that argued that the opposition candidates should not have campaigned with and politicised the Hijab issue as it might affect the on-going efforts to settle it.

From these incidents, it is clear that voters cannot trust the BH to provide them with unbiased and objective reporting of issues affecting the Malay Muslim community. It will be better for them to go to alternative sources, such as online news media, to get a full picture of what’s happening on the ground and how they will be affected by it.

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