ChiPri: Kids get free Happy Meal when they order in Mandarin

Last weekend, 4 Macdonald outlets – NEX, JEM, Great World City, United Square – partnered with a Chinese enrichment agency to give away free Happy Meals to kids below 12 who order in Mandarin. This promotion was done to encourage children to speak in their mother tongue confidently.

It is presumptuous of Macdonald’s to assume that everybody’s mother tongue is Mandarin, just because Chinese form the majority of Singaporeans. 30% of us do not have Chinese as our mother tongue, and if they are intention is to promote the speaking of it, why is the promotion not open to kids who order in Malay or Tamil?

This is the kind of subtle and insidious racism that will slowly but surely erode our multi-cultural and multi-lingual society that puts shame to our national pledge “regardless of race, language or religion”. This is a very disappointing and worrying move from Macdonalds, and we are not lovin’ it.

#MuslimsunderrepresentedinSingapore #MuslimsmisrepresentedinSingapore #MalaysunderrepresentedinSingapore #Chineseprivilege #racistSG

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