SDP could be a hopeful voice for our Malay Muslim community

1. At the 18th Ordinary Party Conference, the SDP elected 12 members into their CEC. Out of these 12, 3 (25%) are Malay Muslims, including one Muslimah. They are Damanhuri Abas, Jufri Salim and Mansura Sajahan. Having 3 Malay Muslims in the CEC is more than the general percentage of our community in Singapore. Hopefully, this means that they will be more able to speak up on issues troubling our community if they were to be elected to represent us at the next elections.

2. It is also heartening to know that the SDP has included a section to address our community’s issues in their manifesto. Specifically, their 10 point plan to improve the conditions of the Malay community in Singapore includes

a. improving our socio-economic levels
b. lowering tertiary education fees so that more Malay Muslims can afford higher education
c. fund madrasahs
d. end discrimination in the military and uniformed services
e. abolish the ethnic integration program which negatively affects the hdb prices for Malays
f. making MENDAKI non-partisan

With 3 Malay Muslims in their CEC and a manifesto which addresses the concerns of our community, SDP looks like they can be a voice to champion our issues which PAP has been purposely avoiding to suit their own pro-Chinese agenda.

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