Needy Muslims Resort to Seeking Aid From Church because of MUIS’ Reluctance to Help

There was a case recently that typifies what Malay Muslims who are less financially fortunate face when they asked for help from their own Muslim organisations. There was this couple, K and wife N. They had fallen into financial difficulties, K had gotten retrenched, and he had been jobless for quite a while.

The couple had three kids, the youngest of whom was less than 3 years old. K had been desperately looking for a job, but got rejected at almost all applications. So, as a last resort, the couple decided to approach MUIS for zakat. After all, what good is a Muslim body if they cannot help own Muslim community, right. The first thing that went wrong was the officer at MUIS telling the couple to approach their nearest mosque for application, as MUIS does not do direct applications.

So, the couple approached Mosque A, only to be turned away as they lived a bit further than the mosque. So they turned to Mosque B, nearer to their house. The officer who answered their call was at first nice, as she thought they wanted to donate. But when told they wanted to receive alms, her tone changed. The couple was told that Mosque B was busy, and they will call them again. A week later, no call, so the couple called the Mosque B themselves. True enough, the mosque had forgottten about them. Another mosque officer told the couple application must be done in person, and not via phone.

Couple went down to Mosque B, did their application forms, only to be met by sarcastic remarks, like if the husband cannot find a job, why not let the wife sacrifice and find work, and place the kids in childcare, because childcare also have subsidies. But the main point was, childcare application already got cash involved, and this couple are in desperate need of cash, so how will this work? To make things worse, there were even snide remarks like why have so many kids when financialy the couple were struggling.

The couple just kept silent, as they really need the financial help. It was only 2 months later that financial aid was given. But looking around, it is not rare to find Malay Muslim families asking for aid from Churches and Buddhist organisations, instead of MUIS. And when they go there, they are not judged, and given immediate help once proven they really need the help. Why Malay Muslim organisations cannot do this?

The big question is this. Why is MUIS so stringent and reluctant to offer help to the Muslim community, when their reserves is at $100m? They need $8.3m annually to pay the salaries of their staff, which includes a CEO, 2 deputy CEOs and a President. Why so many high earners in an organisation that cannot even get their admin right? What are they doing there, earning their big bucks? And why are their case officers insensitive towards others? They are social workers, so why look down on those in need, and is there any need to be sarcastic? Ever thought the reason why Muslims turn to other religious organisations is because our own religious body is loathed in helping us?

And the one that hurts, isn’t this a good way for other religious bodies to sell their religion to the Malay Muslims in need, because your own religion turned their backs on you?

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  1. Hi.. sad to hear about Mr K and Wife. As a non Muslim we can understand their situation. While he is looking for a job, I would like to asked if he can go to any fast food restaurants to work as they are always hiring as long as you are willing to work. The salary might not be much for some but it’s a starter.

  2. MUIS certainly must address the gaps as zakat funds are a trust and there is a fiduciary relationship there. I do not think there is anything wrong in how people get support which in this case is from good samaritans who are not MUIS. Grace is bestowed regardless of affiliations. insha A.

    1. Correct, Jane Doe.
      Many years ago, I had brought my adopted mother to seek financial help from MUIS. As she is in dired need of financial help and not working – she was in her 70s, i thought MUIS could help. All we got was a cold shoulder from the staff there and they looked us like we are beggars trying to get money from them. They also said that since I am financially helping her, then, the cannot help. In other words, she must be all alone, with no help at all from anyone, then MUIS can help. What a heartless and hopeless organisation in Singapore. Imagine explaining that to my adopted mother. She must had felt heartbroken not getting the help she needed. Oh, as we were leaving, that heartless staff called out, she said – Even if we can help, we can only give her $90 each month. Hopeless.
      I then approached a social worker who came to her house to interview her and 2 weeks later she got the help – $200 per month – with no fuss!
      MUIS should be deregistered and forgotten.

  3. This is not the first time I have heard of this about MUIS. That is why I have never asked them for help till of late… Due to the inefficiency of a particular SSO… Another organisation which I find differs in their very own standards…and I have every right to assume that this SSO was biased in assessing my financial situation. It was really frustrating to have to go such extends in order to ask for help.. For our family. I am grateful that the officer I met at mosque M was very helpful and sincere.
    As an overview, its not about the organisation itself… Its who works for them. Its normal for humans to judge and assume but for me… If u wanna work in an organisation that’s supposed to help the needy in any way possible, ur EQ should be on par as ur IQ. Get into ur head that all the people who came looking for help are really in need of help even though u think they don’t… Cz u dnt knw anything about them. So keep ur opinions to urself.

  4. Wasn’t surprised as couple of years back same thing happened. A guy was turned down by Muis. His last resort when to church asked for financial help given,got a job from there he took his hold family converted to Christians..sad sad case.

  5. Refer to the above,
    Here’s another question ,
    Im an Indian/chinese muslim.
    Few years ago my daughter had applied for studay loans but was rejected.
    I call up MUIS n wanted to know whats the reason was n this was what they had said to me.
    Other races muslims r not illegible to get help from MUIS,only malays r entitle. I spoke to some needy Malays n they themselves said that they having problem on asking help from MUIS. !
    They seek help from other religious organisations which they got the help(eg.Sinda)
    Sinda said they r helping the needy regardless of race n religion..
    Thats really touched..
    Im not a Malay but when comes to my monthly payroll, surprisingly my salaries were deducted every month into MUIS acc.!!!
    So the existance of MUIS here is to pocket our money every month,including other donations into their pockets?

    1. Hi

      Regarding financial aid, I know of someone who received $30,000 loan free of interest to study in Australia. This person has been living in Australia for 15 years and has no intention to return to Singapore.
      Why is this person get the free interest loan??

    2. Dear Disappointed

      I know of someone who received study loan of $30,000 free of interest to study in Australia ( and at same time to work). This person has been staying in Australia since 2000. Studied there all along.
      No intention to return to Singapore to work.

    3. Go get a lawyer pro bono to take civil action against MUIS to recover your monies, damages for pain and suffering. There may be some crazy clause on MUIS that may put a plug on suing them… but a lawyer can check. One case will open the floodgates . Truth to power. We can crowd fund this. Take action don’t just complain until the cows come home. Will look out for crowd funding request

  6. There are Singaporeans out there who can help the family’s plight. Share contact. I respect the need to hold our institutions accountable and kudos to the whistle blower.

  7. Yes I also been in their shoe seeking help from the MUIS but they turn me down after asking whole lot of questions… Very dissapointed…

  8. If the story is true and genuine, what a shame to MUIS.
    Then what is the purpose of collecting zakat during the holy month of Ramadan, if MUIS cannot help Muslims who are really in need.
    Very, very sad!!😥

  9. An 84 years old widow failed to get zakat but baitulmal took 3 shares of her husband unnominated cpf balance. Now struggling.

  10. This happen to me 30 years ago.
    I approched Mendaki to attend computer course.
    To register but no money to pay deposit.
    I was doing NS, pay begining of nx month.
    The couter girl told me if no payment cannot
    I showed her my 11B (army ic) and told her if needed hold to my applications.
    Ended i was turn down.
    I joined TMC computer school which give me installment payment n further discount.

  11. So sorry to hear yr story my story is whose than them..i went to ask for for help bt was turn down n they say they only help singles parents n i say then if i gt family then how..they say u can find work then i say if e company dont want to hire then how…i amke my best solution n disscuse with my wife n tiz is e best way to have my family food..u guest wat…i straight away jatuh talak 1 dgn my wife infront of them n then say to them i want to see wat you goin to help for my kids n wife

  12. So sorry to hear yr story my story is whose than them..i went to ask for for help bt was turn down n they say they only help singles parents n i say then if i gt family then how..they say u can find work then i say if e company dont want to hire then how…i amke my best solution n disscuse with my wife n tiz is e best way to have my family food..u guest wat…i straight away jatuh talak 1 dgn my wife infront of them n then say to them i want to see wat you goin to help for my kids n wife…if muis cannot help also i will bring my whole to sleep at east coast beach or changi beach so atleast we can fish for food then become like begger..we are not asking for permanent help bt temperory only n plz bear in mind we also pay $6.50-$3.50,if im nt wrong for donation

  13. If this story is true, then the people who are involved by turning them away will be answerable to Allah .In the hadith ,people who doesnt help people who are in needs in this world then Allah will never help them when they are in difficulties in akhirat..

  14. Well saddened with this case. Unfortunately this is not the first case. Thousand of application have been rejected yearly. Indeed MUIS have pocketed the Donation without favouring your races as long you are a Muslims but when ask for help races will be question. Why ???? No races matter as long you are a Muslim. Why other Religion can open to all seeking help. We are no longer in 60’s 70’s now is year 2019. Beware about Zakat’s money this are not for you MUIS only but to help people in needs. May Allah forgive.

  15. These incidents have been happening from years ago, ive been to a church before and the priest helped me through his own wallet without judging or discriminating. I feel muis or the mosques have that “hollier then thou attitude” which they should change and ask themselve why they joined muis on the 1st place, is it for the high pay or to to sincerely help out the community without prejudice.

  16. Alhamdulillah dari feedback yang tertera.
    1. Meminta bantuan kewangan atau apasaja dari MUIS…Pandangan Saya hulurkan bantuan dulu. Andaikata Ada social worker menyiasat Dan beri pertolongan yang Ada.

  17. Ha ha at last we are getting this news..We., our entire family generation are pissed of with this MUIS…Need a complete review on their attitude and mentality..Well said collection welcome..Disburse wait..long long time..their grandfather money..My family approached Taoist temple..received 3 years scholarship…Now having a Degree holder…Got retrenched..loose out to Philippine Foreign Trash…Keep it up MUIS

  18. They only give to their kakis. Sack all this staff. They are rude inside out. Their sins already piled up so better dont make more sin. I know this has been going on many years. So dont waste your time.

  19. Last time my fren now running a muslim autism sch asked MUIS for assistance he was told quote ‘ Dont ever think u can get it from us’ I told him to go public with the statement frm MUIS but he declined worried he will b ask to move frm his previous place at Sultan Mosque

  20. Hope our head of muis or our mufti know about this n take action. May be if officers handling the case cannot handle find or refer them alternatives that can help. Proper guideline need for officers.There is a problem of drawing the line between race and religion. Those in need should get help regardless of religion or race. We afterall singaporeans.

  21. Why is so have to happent. In this ogananization is suppose to be and Non Profit organization. SHAME ON YOU MUIS. Apakah orang di atas itu PATONG BERNYAWA. Sia2 saja mempunyai Kelulusan Berkitab Setiggi Langit tapi tak tahu menjalankan tugas amanah dari ALLAH. Didunia kamu Sombong Takabur dan Bongkak. Nantikan balas Allah padamu bila tiba saat nya Aamiin. Ya Allah Ya Rob. Tolong bukakan hati dan berikan petunjok pada mereka itu. Agar jangan lupa akan azab mu nanti InsyaAllh.

  22. Sad to say that some of them who work within the MUIS and mosques are having the feeling that they had already been in the Heaven’s communities. They behave like they are more sacred than others from the outer world. Such kind of attitudes should not be allowed to cultivate especially with the younger officials and office bearers.

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